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The downfall of many HR practitioners is thinking that people’s attitude and behavior can be altered by overnight seminar or workshop.   In the global world where change is the... Read More

Remember high school essays? We would be tasked to write about a topic with a specific minimum word or page count, then we’d try every trick in the book to... Read More

For the past few months or (honestly) years, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing digital transformation which, admittedly, never took the turn I anticipated. Now, with a penetration of 46%... Read More

While we are in constant battle of getting the client’s much coveted attention, we are tempted to bet on over-promising deliverables as our only weapon to win. Yet, we wonder... Read More

What’s the most recent video you watched? Maybe a video of a cat being a cat? Or a video of a swearing politician whom you greatly disdain? Perhaps a sumptuous... Read More

“In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking any risks.” Now, that’s Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook who’s talking. And... Read More

Exciting things are happening in digital marketing. We are seeing several powerbrands rising to prominence while some are taking a nosedive. We are sensing a lot of great changes too,... Read More

Digital Marketers, to be well-rounded, need to be exposed to a lot of things. Data, process, management, leadership, strategy just to name a few. They need to learn, grow, push,... Read More

These are UI elements that you should always consider when developing a website and designing digital experiences. The reason: they greatly improve usability and not using them is just plain... Read More

We understand that as a digital marketer, you are relentlessly positive: you can visualize invisible outcomes and you are curious about every darn thing. You are very much comfortable with... Read More

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