Data Analysis

Market Research

This needs no introduction. Every business must analyze its market.

Complete knowledge about your industry brings you to the arena. Be data-driven and strategic through comprehensive market analysis. Combining cutting-edge tools, traditional research expertise, and advanced data knowledge, we can help clients extract value from figures and findings.

Here is how Propelrr can get you started with your data:market research

  • Industry Forecast
  • Primary and Secondary Market Research
  • Social Listening
  • Competition Analysis
  • Consumer Research and Analysis
  • Segmentation and Targeting
  • Channel Distribution

Campaign and Strategy Analysis

A strong brand goes beyond intuition, experiences, and data-based decisions.

You need analytics solutions to measure digital campaign and build a predictive strategy model. Do you create connections? Do you strategize with technology? What is your strategy? Analyze and work at their intersection.

As your business partner, our goal is to help you activate your campaign, engage, and convert your audience through strategic planning, implementation, and execution.

Campaign and Strategy Analysis involves:campaign and strategy analysis

  • Campaign Performance Audit
  • KPI Identification
  • Strategy Testing
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Analytics Strategy
  • Data Analysis

Integrated Marketing Analysis

Everything you do to attract, engage, convert, and retain your audience should be integrated. Find that binding story to keep your efforts intact through time.

Integrated Marketing Analysis takes all campaigns and puts them together to gauge effectiveness and efficiency. It takes thorough analysis and considerable amount of time to soak into the marketplace. It seeks to conjoin different spheres to work together and deliver best business results.

Finding the right balance of integration benefits both consumer and the brand. Propelrr’s key integrated marketing services are:integrated marketing analysis

  • Multi-channel Analysis
  • Offline Integration
  • Content Analysis
  • Product & Service Innovation

Database and Dashboard Management

All your data in one dynamic dashboard.

Data keep coming from all possible directions and these might get you in the gut. The numbers matter definitely, but if you are spending more time looking at them than acting on them, opportunity is passing in front of you.

With Propelrr Dashboard, you do not just get richer and visually engaging ways to interpret your data. We provide contexts, analysis, and data-driven insights so you can get real benefits from raw data. Our data science is designed to meet unique requirements of each user and client — highly customizable, collaborative, extensible and highly-secured.

Our dynamic dashboard can track and house data from your:

  • Web Analytics
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Sales Performance
  • Customer Support
  • A/B Testing
  • A/B, Split and Multivariate Testing
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