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A lot of people say “Visual content is king”. But what exactly is visual content? Basically, visual content is anything that delivers a message or valuable information in the form... Read More

It’s 2018. The whole is greater than the sum of all its parts. Clearly, whenever we talk about conversion optimization or conversion per se, a lot of moving gears are... Read More

We are what we repeatedly do, wouldn’t you agree? That said, how long does it take to actually form just one good habit? If your answer is “too long,” then... Read More

The popularity of Bitcoin which was introduced by a person under the name Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2008 has paved the way for the rise of blockchain technology. Although usually... Read More

Game of Thrones has the world hooked, Season 7 Premiere Records on the seventh season’s opening night. The mix of great storytelling, compelling characters, and DRAGONS makes a lethal combination... Read More

Rolled out in February 2016, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) provide consistently fast experience to mobile users. Google even announced that AMP would move into organic mobile search results, making it a... Read More

As the sun set during the second day of our Subic trip, the team geared towards preparing for everyone’s much-anticipated event of the night: the first-ever Aviator Awards. Five of... Read More

  The Propelrr Aviators  landed in Subic, Zambales last February 24 for its annual summer outing and team building activity. The goal is not just to welcome summer, but to... Read More

The downfall of many HR practitioners is thinking that people’s attitude and behavior can be altered by overnight seminar or workshop.   In the global world where change is the... Read More

Remember high school essays? We would be tasked to write about a topic with a specific minimum word or page count, then we’d try every trick in the book to... Read More

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