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For the past few months or (honestly) years, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing digital transformation which, admittedly, never took the turn I anticipated. Now, with a penetration of 46%... Read More

Exciting things are happening in digital marketing. We are seeing several powerbrands rising to prominence while some are taking a nosedive. We are sensing a lot of great changes too,... Read More

We understand that as a digital marketer, you are relentlessly positive: you can visualize invisible outcomes and you are curious about every darn thing. You are very much comfortable with... Read More

Your social media marketing means nothing to your business. “Wait. What?” “But that’s absurd!” Realistically, social media marketing is always part of any digital campaign discussions we have with clients.... Read More

Ever since, traditional means of marketing have started taking more of a backseat; jargon, puffery, hyperbole, and hard sell have become the bane of digital marketing. Businesses have learned to... Read More

The search ecosystem is expanding rapidly. The shift from desktop search to mobile is faster than any predictions of industry influencers I am aware of. Since 2013, mobile is considered to... Read More

From print to TVCs to blogs, brand wars continue on social media. Who doesn’t want to be where their audiences are? Most brands know their prospects are on social media so... Read More

The Internet is full of content: evergreen, repurposed, co-created, and curated. That’s maybe one of the reasons why “Content is King,” it is prevalent, never scarce. But of these types... Read More

Probably, we can start by making sense of the world increasingly influenced by algorithms. What do you think? Or maybe, we can start with what the fork is link building?... Read More

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