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Intimacy begets customer loyalty.

Email marketing pushes the limits of personalization to attain your business objectives. Brands are given less space to bore or overwhelm readers. There is no anonymous email address, and no more bots to humans. Email is a personal and powerful marketing tool.

Born out of the need to help brands and businesses to win better results, Propelrr is dedicated to invite attention, build interests, invoke actions, and remove the guesswork out of email marketing. It is our obsession to deliver you valuable connections and business conversions.

Stay up-to-date on the latest news, best practices, and strategies on email marketing through Propelrr blog. Consider this a meeting point to discover inspiration, a stage for debate, a space to share expertise and experience, give and receive constructive critiques.

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So you’ve decided to run an email marketing campaign for your business, and now you’re looking for effective strategies for this endeavor. Good news is, we have more than enough...

There have been a lot of sage wisdom about the best practices for email marketing—but for every tip that improves click-through rates, there are a hundred more tips that really...

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