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Content Audit and Strategy

Not satisfied to how your content is performing? Add some strategy to it.

A library of great brand stories, effective and solid content is one of the top priorities in marketing today. As audience demands the highest quality possible to answer their needs, brands are pressed to generate insightful and consumer-driven content that appeal to audiences throughout their buying decision.

Content audit helps you seize and improve assets that are not performing well through deep analysis. Content strategy, on the other hand, let’s you make use of theses missed opportunities and gaps to create an optimal content for improved lead nurturing results. It covers everything from assessment, analysis, planning and strategies.

content audit and strategy

Content Audit and Strategy service includes:

  • Content Audit
  • Content Mapping
  • Quality Assessment
  • Competitive Content Analysis
  • Content Strategy and Planning
  • Content Analysis Report
  • Buyer Persona Creation
  • Copywriting Services

Multi-channel Copywriting

Stomp out the dull and soulless “robot” speak and “nice” words. Go for the one that will let your audience remove their hat and bow as they say “Well said.”

An effective copy naturally shows confidence, persuades and helps you sell. It is often the shortest and the simplest words that put benefits before promises. Such copies talk one-on-one with your reading public.

Since users sniff from across all channels, copywriting must fit each channel. What may work for mobile may not work well for desktop. In the same manner, social media copy takes a totally different route to that of email and banner ads.

multi-channel copywriting

With multi-channel and effective copy writing, you’ll scoop credibility and convert visitors to leads.Multi-channel copywriting services include:

  • Web Copy
  • Direct Mail
  • Public Relations
  • Advertorial Copy
  • White Paper Copy
  • Press Release
  • E-Book
  • Copy Editing

Content Development and Promotion

Content is known to be a smart currency in digital marketing.

It makes human and the web a lot more connected than ever. It builds brand presence and expands brand reach to target audiences at much lower marketing cost. The challenge is how to get the message across platforms and digital media, effectively and efficiently. How can your brand personality stand out? How can you voice out an inviting call to action? How? When? Where?

Our content development and promotion service spans from the ideation phase to creation and strategic distribution and multi-channel promotion.

We create quality and delightful content in many forms:

content development promotion

  • Blog
  • Curated Content
  • White Papers
  • Newsletters
  • Press Release
  • E-Books
  • Video and Animation
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • Presentations and Proposals
  • Interactive Content

Content Metrics and Dashboard

One data point can only satisfactorily tell if your effort is working well or under performing. Guided by an array of metrics, divided into four (4) primary data buckets, measure the value of your content and keep track of your content marketing KPIs. Iterate and improve.

Consumption Metrics

This is the most fundamental type of content metrics and at the same time, the most critical data point. It is generally derive through tracking and measuring how many people have consumed your content. It can be measure through the number of visitors, page views, traffic, bounce rate, number of downloads and other base metrics.

Sharing Metrics

content metrics

This metrics will measure how successful is your content in terms of getting shared, passive audience reach and impressions. It is often determined by the number of retweets, shares, citations and inbound links.

Lead Generation Metrics

After measuring how many eyeballs were you able to get, we are now after potential customers. How many of your readers and content consumers converted into leads? With this type of metrics, you are determining if your content marketing efforts are doing its job to create some financial sense for your investment. It can be measured by the number of people who registered and filled out the form, the number of people who signed up and the other relevant data points.

Sales Metrics

Content means business here. With thorough data mining and analysis, you can determine how many of your content consumers have converted to actual sales. You can see the actual ROI per content piece.

After investing on marketing and making it beneficial to users, time to keep track and measure all angles of opportunity costs for your business.

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