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Conversion Funnel Review

Every business follows its own steps to achieve ROI. These steps are known as conversion funnel. It can either be short, long, convoluted and extremely direct, depending on your business goals.

Through empirical review of every step, Propelrr can identify areas where your visitors are getting lost in the funnel and immediately present solutions to implement. With competitive knowledge in analytics, audience segmentation and personalization, we leverage user profile, behavioral, historical and real-time situational data.

Here are the pillars upon which conversion funnel is built:

conversion funnel review
  • Data Gathering
  • Advanced User Segmentation
  • Conversion Behavior Targeting
  • Personalization
  • Project Benchmarks

Landing Page and Site Optimization

Simulate user’s experience from the first click to final conversion through optimized landing pages.

Landing page optimization ensures that each user’s need is met. Carefully look at every user’s journey and meticulously spot any barriers that make them convert.

Using scientific methods, cognitive principles and actionable insights from conversion funnel review, technical site audit, and industry analysis, Propelrr collaborates with clients to implement a fully integrated optimization strategy.With proven track record of improving businesses’ conversion rates, Propelrr’s optimization service covers:

landing page optimization
  • Landing Page Strategy
  • Persuasive Copywriting and UVP Consultation
  • Custom Ad Copy
  • Information Architecture
  • Page Re-design
  • Usability Analytics Tracking
  • Web Analytics and Goal Tracking

A/B Testing

Maximize ROI through significant improvement designed specifically to optimize customer experience and your web conversion.

a/b testing cro

Test your website controls, version A and B, to determine the best converting variant of your specific control. Make sure your website communicates well as it should. Challenge your existing copy, call-to-actions, design, timing, subject lines and other functions. Propelrr can help you eliminate the guesswork of improving your business.We offer a full suite of AB Testing intelligence which translates to the following:

  • Test Plan Development
  • Targeting and Segmentation Strategy
  • Multi-channel Testing
  • Goal-specific Analytics
  • Reporting and Implementation
  • Ongoing A/B Test
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