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Your marketing money can’t buy an army. It is not for sale. It is earned.

Free your brand from blind market spots. In the new consumer era, you need to take an active part in social media. Drive and derive conversations. Convert audiences to advocates. Earn your army.

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Integrated Social Media

A truly integrated social media management begins with a business goal in mind. Get up close and personal with your audiences and advocates across all relevant channels. The moment you come together with the people, it changes your business, both in their personal space and your marketplace.

integrated social media

Besides, it is free. Earned exclusively by quality.

Social Presence Audit

Whether you are new or have been existent for some time now, start with an audit.

Channel Strategy

Picking the right channel is a three-legged stool.

Buyer Persona

Understand user experience and buying decisions on the level your customers understand your brand.

Editorial Calendar

Simplify and organize your strategies as you expand your social horizons.

Highly-targeted Paid Campaigns

Launch a user-centric campaign in a highly-targeted crowd.

Social Analytics

See returns on your social media investment through detailed and insightful reports.

Social Signals Analytics

After the likes, the comments, the shares and all other forms of interactions, we seek patterns and behaviors that will actually determine what campaigns work, and what doesn’t. But, we don’t stop there. We carefully look at historical and real-time data for you to uncover the right mix for your social media efforts.

Community Management

Sustain rewarding brand experiences by growing, building, and guiding your community.

Operate deep within your community by expanding awareness, managing customer relationships, and fostering a strong connection between your brand and the consumers.

Community Building

Transform passive audience to active brand community.

It starts with developing a common medium that is about your community. Whether it is for basketball lovers, football fans, fashion enthusiasts, or science geeks, building an educational, inspirational or entertaining medium is the foundation of community building.

On-going Engagement

If you build a community, move from one-way broadcast to engagement. Your community will then build your brand.

Let go of your brand-broadcast mentality. Brands communicate. The most successful ones engage. Make a clear choice.

Online Reputation Management

Along the way, there will be crises.

Not only your brand will suffer when it is wrongfully attacked – but your business at large. Snip holes and fortify your reputation.

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