Community Management

72% of consumers who complain expect prompt and proper response in an hour or less.

At the crossroad of great stories, technologies and presence is putting the heart at nurturing and enhancing relationships. Effective community management will you help your brand get one-on-one engagement and drive brand perception. It will also help you identify relevant audiences and advocates.

Huge business benefits of online community management include:

community management

  • Enhance product and brand loyalty
  • Earn 24/7 focus groups
  • Support and magnify integrated campaigns
  • Improve local and global presence
  • Social listening about your brand performance
  • Address long-standing brand and customers issue

Have a community manager that listens, speaks, and addresses overlooked issues and sentiments about your brand. Have an expert that would orchestrate user feedback and drive conversations that yield actions.

As technology highlights speed, competition and customers’ voices, brands must have online ambassadors that would function as walking billboards, customer service extension, and personal brand icons to form, build and nourish your brand community.

Community Building

It is a noisy world out there. Creating a focused world for your brand has come in full circle. Gather audiences with the same interests, attitudes, values and background encompassing your brand message and goals.

In community building, Propelrr makes sure there’s ROI whether it is from new customers, sales, enhanced reputation, or something that would improve your business position.

We actively build communities in:

  • Online Groups
  • Online Forums
  • Exclusive Communities

On-going Engagement

Marketing has become two-way, with instant feedback from the public.

Giving the right content and asking the right questions can keep your community engaged and growing. Determining and extending engagement efforts to core members of the community is equally important too. It can help you steer overall conversations in a beneficial direction.

Propelrr has engagement specialists that are skillful to stir conversations, route questions, seek out answers, and make sure the community members feel engaged in community discussions.

The result is a community that is poised to grow and with members that are active advocates of your brand.

Online Reputation Management

You work hard to build a great reputation. It is your name – protect it.

Counteract malicious information, rumors, unfair opinions and online fraud. One bad review or negative comment about your brand can appear in search and social media and has a huge chance to be shared an innumerable amount of time. It can discredit your brand and lower consumer confidence.

online reputation management

Propelrr understands the full need to maintain a strong and positive reputation for your brand identity, leadership and your own products and services.

We offer:

  • Search Engine Reputation Management
  • Social Media Reputation Monitoring and Management
  • Online Review Management
  • Personal Reputation Management
  • Corporate Reputation Management

Don’t lose your business. Secure your reputation. Build a robust impression.

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