Integrated Social Media

Social Presence Audit

Magnify sentiments at a very rapid and irreversible rate. Are there existing user-generated content related to your brand? Is the content positive, negative or neutral? How wide is your online scope? What are you missing?

Before a nose dive, we analyze data, work closely with clients, focus on real business solutions, and match them with after a thorough presence audit.

social presence audit

Channel Strategy

You missed one and your foundation is ruined. Focusing on relevant and valuable omni-channels deliver a seamless customer experience and optimal brand presence. Determine your best points of sale and meet your customer on the right channels.

Buyer Persona

Detailed planning on the buyer persona should be founded on solid market research and real data existing customers. Dive deeper into their behavioral patterns, motivations, and goals. This will provide you tremendous structure and insights for your campaigns and brand positioning.

With so many different devices and social channels to choose from, it is important more than ever to device a quality-assured and targeted buying personas, to get fresh and updated perspective from your customers.

Editorial Calendar

Translate content strategy, project management, and content integration into a strategic and organized editorial calendar. It helps you track and keep your content consistent and relevant across all social media platforms. Set your goals, KPIs, specify tasks, and monitor activities with ease.

Highly Targeted Paid Campaigns

Don’t diffuse your message on a mass scale. Target and hit the relevant and right circles at the perfect time. Opting for highly-targeted paid campaigns is an instant marketing tactic, assuring equally fast, and overwhelming responses.

Social Analytics

Thorough rigorous analysis of all performance indicators and social media metrics, Propelrr ensures to deliver improved business performance in all corners of social ground.

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