User Experience Design

Web will not work with just codes. It takes users to complete a design.

World-class coding is only the beginning. Innovative functionality and intuitive designs are the cores of providing a satisfying user experience across all platforms. The key is to design and develop digital experiences that move people.

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Intuitive Design

Creating web design that considers the natural behavior of users to drive business goals is what intuitive design is about.

Website design is important but usability must be first always.

76% of users agree that the most crucial factor in any website is “making it easy for me to find what I want.”

Usability should be baked in any channel – website, mobile, wearable.

intuitive design

An intuitive design must adapt to what, when, where, how and why users visit your website. Each visit should automatically translate to a natural interaction with the brand. You may only have one chance to make a good impression.

Build a site with utmost design, innovative layout and user-friendly navigation that gives users the quickest and most pleasant experience to reach their goal.

This is how we do it:

Impress the Expected.

Hinge your design and functionality to what your users are comfortable with. Give them what they want. This makes them feel that you understand them even when you haven’t met personally. Delivering their expectation is a good way to give them a strong sense of satisfaction. The best is to impress them.

Think Physical.

Visiting a website is comparable to visiting a store. Users want the best buying experience: the best store location, the best customer assistance, the best freebies, with the fastest transactions. Give them the means to accomplish their goal in your website in the most convenient way. Remember that at the end of the day, business is business.

Empower Them.

Encourage them to visit, stay, participate in your website. Make the users empowered to explore your website. Give them access to information that will enrich them. Open them to ideas from the community that your brand is related with.

Website Design and Development

web design and development

Modern software development requires knowledge of the different platforms. With our creativity, sophisticated codes, and expertise in latest technologies, we engineer and reengineer CMS frameworks to create lasting solutions for your business.

Wireframing and Prototyping

An unforgettable website starts with a wireframe. It may be skin deep but it tells a lot how one web application will work.

After some serious doodles and hand-drawn mock ups, we convert it to high fidelity static design using diverse selection of up-to-date drawing tools. The result is a very much alive digital web for your brand.

Front-end Design

Design and redesign faces of experiences.

Front-end design should be reliant to visual sophistication, organized content and a common base – user experience.

Back-end Development

A well-executed website requires a perfect balance of presentation layer and a strong data access layer.

Develop websites and create the best user experience with a strong and smooth back atmosphere.

Mobile App Development

Exist where anything is possible.

Mobile is the choice of the 21st century consumer. Device an app that will make them appreciate you. Bring out infinite relationships and personalized experiences in mobile.

Wearable Application

Wearable is a new marketing territory. Claim it.

Consumers embrace digital products that give them value. Stay closer by fusing digital and physical experiences, this time with wearables.

Interactive Content

Audience attention moves with the wind.

Convert static infographics to a more visually engaging and richer content with the use of future-proof technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

Push the content and pixels further.

Information is everywhere. Consumers have evolved and no longer want the usual messages. Transform your content to something that would create connections between brands and people.

As you keep your audience closer, own their undivided attention by hooking them into a more personal and non-intrusive manner.

interactive content creation

Here are different interactive content you should consider:

  • Interactive Quizzes
  • Contests
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Interactive Infographics
  • Interactive White Papers
  • Interactive Data Visualization

How interactive content can benefit your brand:

  • It unlocks long-standing problems and pain points of your audience.
  • It refines your audience profile.
  • This type of content allows you to find ways to increase mileage of your events.
  • Moreover, it improves engagement in your blog and social streams with your brand.

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User Experience Design

Intuitive Design is
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